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GM Taps Google Dialogflow for Onstar Conversational Generative AI Plans

General Motors and Google Cloud have revealed plans to expand their tech partnership to deploy conversational generative AI technologies to GM vehicles and services. Building on the existing integration of Google’s Dialogflow engine into the OnStar assistant, the companies now plan pilots exploring new generative AI applications across GM’s business.

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“Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the buying, ownership, and interaction experience inside the vehicle and beyond, enabling more opportunities to deliver new features and services,” GM executive vice president for software and services Mike Abbott said. “Our software-led approach has accelerated the creation of compelling services for our customers while driving increased efficiency across the GM enterprise. The work with Google Cloud is another example of our efforts to transform how customers engage with our products and services.”

The new arrangement partnership builds on GM selecting Google technologies for in-vehicle infotainment systems starting in 2019, with GM’s OnStar Interactive Virtual Assistant (IVA) arriving in 2022. GM claims the Dialogflow-powered voice AI handles over a million customer inquiries every month. Dialogflow’s natural language capabilities helped the OnStar assistant handle varied customer inquiries reliably. The voice assistant provides navigation and responds to common questions, keeping the human staff available for more complex issues and any emergencies.

The OnStar IVA employs intent-recognition not only to respond to users, but to pick out when an emergency has arisen even without any explicit declarration by the driver. In that case, the AI immediately send the call to human Onstar specialists. GM also relies on Dialogflow for chatbots on its website that provide a guide to the cars for visitors, answering their questions along the way. The chatbots are similar to the kind that OpenAI’s ChatGPT API can create.

“General Motors is at the forefront of deploying AI in practical and effective ways that ultimately create better customer experiences,” said Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said.”We’re looking forward to a deepened relationship and more collaboration with GM as we explore how the company uses generative AI in transformational ways.”


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