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Nvidia and Hugging Face Showcase New Generative AI Training Service

Nvidia and open-source generative AI startup Hugging Face are working together on a new large language model developer tool called Training Cluster as a Service. The new service aims to streamline the process of building and customizing LLMs for enterprise developers using Nvidia’s “supercomputing” DGX Cloud and related software and available expertise.

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DGX Cloud brings a lot of computational power to the table, with eight Nvidia H100 or A100 GPUs for 640 GB of GPU memory per node. The $37,000 monthly subscription also comes with Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software for app and LLM development and access to the company’s AI experts. Training Cluster as a Service embeds DGX Cloud into Hugging Face’s hub of more than 50,000 datasets supporting more than a quarter million models for more than 15,000 organizations. Nvidia and Hugging Face both want to encourage more experimentation and adoption of AI models by businesses.

“Researchers and developers are at the heart of generative AI that is transforming every industry,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said. “Hugging Face and Nvidia are connecting the world’s largest AI community with Nvidia’s AI computing platform in the world’s leading clouds. Together, Nvidia AI computing is just a click away for the Hugging Face community.”

Nvidia began showcasing its generative AI cloud services earlier this year. The Nvidia AI Foundations software portfolio is designed to allow companies to create custom, domain-specific, generative AI applications around synthetic media and interactive AI personalities. Hugging Face had previously announced that AWS would host its LLMs, but that’s a non-exclusive deal and probably won’t have an impact on the Nvidia partnership. The generative AI model platform has steadily expanded its generative AI tools and features for developers, including the Starcoder coding assistant and the HuggingChat open-source generative AI chatbot. Hugging Face is rumored to be raising a new funding round pegged to a $4 billion valuation.

“People around the world are making new connections and discoveries with generative AI tools, and we’re still only in the early days of this technology shift,” Hugging Face CEO Clément Delangue said. “Our collaboration will bring Nvidia’s most advanced AI supercomputing to Hugging Face to enable companies to take their AI destiny into their own hands with open source and with speed they need to contribute to what’s coming next.”

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