ChatGPT Update

OpenAI Upgrades ChatGPT With Suggestions, Multi-File Upload, GPT-4 Default

OpenAI has updated ChatGPT with a collection of new and expanded features, including suggestions for prompts and the ability to upload more than one file at a time. The upgrades together aim to streamline interacting with the generative AI chatbot and encourage more sign-ups for ChatGPT Plus and its extra features.

ChatGPT Proactive

The upgrades all seem to be designed either for new users or to entice current users to up their engagement with ChatGPT. For those new to ChatGPT, the website now offers examples of prompts, as seen in the screenshot above. OpenAI said it is illustrating some ways to use ChatGPT because a “blank page can be intimidating.” The same reasoning would fit the suggested replies feature ChatGPT has also added, extending the prompt suggestions further into the interaction and possibly motivating users to keep conversing with the AI instead of moving on after one query. Both initial and ongoing suggestions are techniques found among other generative AI chatbots, such as Perplexity, Google Bard, and Bing’s AI chatbot, which relies on OpenAI’s large language models. For both new and existing users, ChatGPT has sped up the conversation with keyboard shortcuts for the first time. They include basic control of the website and speed up copying and deleting chats and responses. You can see the full list below.

ChatGPT’s other new features hint at being based on requests from current users. For instance, ChatGPT Plus subscribers can now ask the AI to “analyze data and generate insights across multiple files,” allowing uploads of more than one file at a time using the Code Interpreter beta. And while GPT-4 is still only for Plus subscribers, they can make it their default model for the first time instead of having to switch over each time they start a chat. Whether or not a user subscribes to Plus, ChatGPT will also now keep users logged in when they leave the website instead of logging them out every two weeks, though there is a new welcome page when logging in.


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