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Coding Q&A Forum Stack Overflow Shifts From ChatGPT Ban to Launching OverflowAI Generative AI Tools

Programming discussion and answer forum Stack Overflow has released a set of generative AI tools for users named OverflowAI. The release of OverflowAI marks the next stage of Stack Overflow’s rapidly evolving policy. An outright ban on ChatGPT-composed answers in December has since shifted toward a set of AI-specific standards for posts.


OverflowAI combines a mix of new and updated features for both the public and enterprise sides of the platform. The consumer-facing platform will offer conversational search with generative AI, including citations for the responses, as well as a new community hub to discuss the tools and generative AI engineering as a whole. Stack Overflow for Teams users will have a more advanced version of the AI search tool, drawing its answers from GitHub and other trusted sources in addition to Stack Overflow. They will also have a chance to set up their own knowledge base to better train and fine-tune the generative AI models behind the search engine.

“Our goal here is to create a conversational, human-centered search. We want to make it possible for public platform users to receive instant, trust-worthy, and accurate solutions to problems using conversational search powered by GenAI,” Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar wrote in a blog post. We’re looking at ways where responses generated can be attributed and cited, using the highly trusted knowledge from the more than 58 million questions and answers in Stack Overflow, with the ability to query the knowledge base for more personalized results.”

Enterprise clients will have an entirely new feature on top as well, the OverflowAI Visual Studio Code Plugin, which Stack Overflow said will “provide your developers with a personalized summary of how to solve their problems efficiently and effectively, allow them to dig deeper where needed, and then document new learnings and solutions.” Stack Overflow is extending the generative AI tools beyond its platform. The company will embed its new StackPlusOne chatbot with Slack. All of the features will start rolling out in August.

“Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting era for Stack Overflow,” Chandrasekar wrote. “As I promised when we announced our goal of investing in AI, our approach is unique. Our aim is to stay true to the original promise of Stack Overflow, keeping our developer community at the center, ensuring that trust and attribution are at the core of what we build, and that the people who contribute their knowledge are recognized for their efforts.”


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