Alexa Champions

Amazon Unveils New Alexa Champions

Amazon has inducted 17 new Alexa Champions from around the world. The new Champions include a broad range of skill developers and experts in Alexa and its multi-modal potential.

Champion 2023

Alexa Champion is both a title and a program membership. Those picked by Amazon are asked to test out new ideas and products, with early access to some of the features still in the pipeline for Alexa. They also have a closer connection to the people at Amazon making the big decisions about Alexa, access most developers don’t get. Amazon has collected 87 Alexa Champions since the program began. The new class of 17 falls between the 10 picked last year and the 26 from the year before.

“These developers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and designers have demonstrated a true passion for innovation with Alexa. Their dedication to the craft is evident in the solutions they’ve created and developed: from stunning APL visuals to fun games, location-based experiences, next generation smart properties experiences, and more,” Alexa Developer Community Manager Amanda Lange explained in announcing the new additions. “Our 2023 cohort of Alexa Champions are a diverse group of innovators with a global reach, responsible for building over 700 successful Alexa skills with hundreds of thousands of users. Alexa Champions do more than build skills — they also provide helpful comments in our Community Slack helping other developers, participate actively in our weekly online Office Hours, and give presentations worldwide about the future of voice and ambient computing.”

These are are the 2023 Alexa Champions:

Amazon Selects 10 New Alexa Champions