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Robert Scoble on Apple, Siri, ChatGPT, Virtual Companions, AR/VR, and a Lifetime in Silicon Valley – Voicebot Podcast Ep 327

If Apple takes the glasses market away from Google and everyone is wearing Apple glasses, with a camera, with a screen, with a microphone, with a sensor array, with a hook-up to an AI, Apple owns your search. If you are wearing Apple glasses, you are talking with Siri. You are not talking to Google Assistant…Siri is coming and going to answer questions Google can’t answer. It will know what you are touching, what you are looking at, what you are holding, what you are are gesturing toward, what you are are moving toward, what you are moving away from. Siri is going to be in the headset.  The headset is Apple’s premiere crown jewel…There is pair of glass coming in the next three years. This year is a heavier device for your house. It’s a badass movie theater on your face.

Robert Scoble did the first live stream of a ride in a Tesla. The driver was Elon Musk. The Siri mobile app launched to the world in his living room. He is the leading author on spatial computing, is an AR/VR expert, and has seen a lot of technology innovation up close over the years.

He and I caught up at Project Voice in April for a live interview right after he interviewed the three Siri co-founders onstage. In addition to his comments on the evolution of tech and Silicon Valley over the past 30 years, we also go deep on ChatGPT and Apple. His take on ChatGPT and the rise of AI companions is intriguing.

Scoble also offers insight into what he expects Apple to launch this year, maybe even in the next week at WWDC – a new Siri with AR and generative AI capabilities. The leaks we saw this week in the media confirm he has some inside knowledge of what is coming.

Robert Scoble was a Futurist at Rackspace Hosting, an evangelist and strategist at Microsoft, and an executive at several startups. He started as a journalist and ran several high-profile tech conferences in the 1990s. He is also the author of The Infinite Retina and The Fourth Transformation.

Robert Scoble Interview – Show Notes






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