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Suki and Epic Link Clinical Voice Assistant AI with Largest US Electronic Health Record System

Clinical voice AI startup Suki has integrated its voice assistant with healthcare software giant Epic’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Epic’s ambient APIs will enable any doctor employing Epic to access the Suki Assistant from anywhere through the HIPAA-compliant Suki mobile app and pickup from wherever they left off.

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Suki provides a voice assistant for medical professionals that can collect and transcribe notes and patient conversations with the aid of machine learning and AI. Suki can then help fill out EHRs, reducing by as much as 72% the time doctors spend on paperwork. The company recently debuted Suki Assistant Gen 2, which can use generative AI to turn the audio of a patient-doctor conversation into case notes. Suki already counts major EHR players like Cerner, athenahealth, and Elation Health among the approximately 100 health system clients currently employing its medical voice AI startup’s services. Still, Epic operates on an even bigger scale. Epic claims to hold medical records for nearly 80% of patients in the U.S. and 3% of the world’s patients. Suki’s integration could lead to a rocketing adoption rate by medical professionals.

“Ambient documentation holds great promise for reducing administrative burden and clinician burnout, and we are delighted to work with Epic to deliver a sophisticated, easy-to-use solution to its client base,” Suki CEO Punit Soni said. “Suki Assistant represents the future of AI-powered voice assistants, and we are thrilled that it is integrated with Epic through its ambient APIs.”

Suki’s startup status hasn’t kept it from scaling as a business and releasing a steady stream of upgrades like its mobile app, not to mention its Show Me tools for pulling data from the EHRs by voice command instead of manually sifting through data and the Suki Speech Service (S3) platform. Suki has raised $95 million to fuel its growth, with a $55 million round at the end of 2021 and two $20 million rounds in 2020 and 2018. Suki still faces plenty of rivals in healthcare conversational AI. Fellow startups like Abridge and Notable jockey for market share, as do more specialized medical providers like dental-focused Bola and veterinarian-centered Talktoo. There’s also the presence of giants like Microsoft, whose $19.7 billion purchase of Nuance Communications brought clinical AI platform Saykara into its fold. Epic even inked a deal with Microsoft for access to OpenAI’s GPT-4 generative AI model after Nuance launched the Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) using GPT-4 to transcribe and summarize patient interactions with doctors.

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