Stability AI Animai

Stability AI Unveils Image-to-Animation Generative AI Tool Animai

Synthetic media developer Stability AI has introduced a new generative AI technology capable of producing an animated clip from a single still image. Stability teamed with digital collectible platform to launch a free tool called Animai that will generate an animated avatar from an uploaded image.

Generative Animai

Animai leverages Stability’s generative AI to transform a still image into a video, much like how its widely used Stable Diffusion text-to-image model visually illustrates words. The free service is supported on Revel’s platform but is free for anyone interested. Users just have to pick an image to upload and an email address to receive a link to the result. The only follow-up question is if the uploaded image is of a man, a woman, or a couple, likely to help shrink the image pool used by the AI. The company claims it only takes a few minutes to animate the images, though a few tests saw an email arrive several hours later with a link to three different animated videos built from the still image.

“The team continues to innovate on generative AI products that foster mass consumer adoption,” Stability AI vice president of business development and partnerships Scott Trowbridge said. “Revel’s Animai, with its 3-clicks-and-you’re-done interface, makes animated generative AI imagery accessible to all.”

Revel and Stability first tested Animai with social media influencers like Cyrus Dobre and Mira Szalma, who each have millions of TikTok followers. This isn’t the first time Revel has employed Stability’s generative AI. Revel also has a text-to-image tool and offers personalized AI avatars on its mobile app. The Aimai videos can be downloaded and shared by users or uploaded and traded through Revel’s app.

“ is thrilled to be at the forefront of AI technology for commercial use, and excited to provide our users with early access to innovative technology.” said co-founder Shahar Nechmad.

Stable Generation

Stability’s progress as a company is as animated as anything created by Animai. The $101 million raised by Stability last year likely helped with developing the new animation technology, but the company has made its ambitions clear. Stability’s experiments with animation continue the company’s ongoing strategy to offer more generative AI image creation and editing tools. Stability recently acquired the company behind  AI image manipulation service Clipdrop to enhance those features. Clipdrop uses machine learning to identify and remove unwanted objects, change the lighting, or zoom in on a section without sacrificing clarity. Stability faces some legal headwinds at the moment. There are allegations from Getty Images and a class action lawsuit filed by a group of artists in California over claims of violated copyright and intellectual property laws.

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