New ShareGPT Tool Turns ChatGPT Conversations into Sharable Links

Conversations with OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI are no longer limited to screenshots, thanks to a new tool called ShareGPT that transforms the ChatGPT interactions into URLs that users can distribute as links. Developers Steven Tey and Dom Eccleston created ShareGPT, available as a Google Chrome extension and iOS Safari shortcut, which has accumulated more than 4,500 uses in just a few days.


ChatGPT has exploded in popularity and interest, garnering optimistic and concerned reviews since OpenAI debuted it a couple of weeks ago. Screenshots of interactions have filled Twitter and other social media spaces in an often unwieldy fashion. ShareGPT skips the need for multiple pictures and makes it a lot easier to peruse a conversation by reproducing it as a URL that can be shared. After installing the free Chrome or Safari service, users can have a conversation with ChatGPT as usual, then click on the “share” button at the bottom of the screen when they choose to produce a URL for the conversation. The link can be shared directly or on social media, with Twitter shares incorporating a brief preview of the exchange, including visuals.

The ShareGPT website showcases ChatGPT conversations turned into webpages, with some having already had thousands of visitors. It’s both an interesting look at how the tool is being used and may help those looking for new ways to engage with ChatGPT ideas. For instance, the most popular pages include requests for ChatGPT to explain the meaning of life in five paragraphs, to create an image of an American flag, and even to start a Harry Potter text video game with multiple-choice options at the end of each scene.

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