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New M&M’s Movie Night Alexa Skill Combines Film and Candy Recommendations

A new Alexa skill offers movie watchers ideas on pairing films with candy, especially for Halloween and the sales afterward. The M&M’s Movie Night Alexa skill created by design agency Journey’s branded voice app subsidiary Skilled Creative  helps families pick the right movie and snack combination, including an option to buy it online.

M&M’s Movie Night

Interested users can enable the voice app by saying, “Alexa, Open M&M’s Movie Night.” The skill offers ten different Halloween movie recommendations and pairs the film with a different kind of M&M’s. Users can buy the candy from the app and get a link to the movie on Prime video in a text message. Each visit includes a hint about the next one the skill will suggest.

“What do we all do during spooky season? Watch Halloween movies, eat snacks, and prepare for Halloween Night,” Skilled Creative said in a blog post. “We’re excited to announce M&M’s Movie Night, and all in one experience helping you pick the best movie, best snack pairing, with fast Halloween candy ordering. We worked with our partners at Mars Wrigley to launch this campaign.”

Skilled Creative’ has built up an expansive portfolio of voice apps, even before it was acquired by Journey. The company powers Reese Witherspoon’s book club, and multiple mindfulness and health-focused voice apps for the lifestyle brand Meredith. The new skill is closest to the Webby-winning HBO Max Recommends Alexa skill for deciding what to watch that Skilled Creative deployed last year. The difference is that the HBO skill includes more filters about content ad more details about the recommendations. The ‘multiplayer mode’ for when up to three people are figuring out what to watch together also goes a bit beyond the candy pairing options, even if it’s less sweet.

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