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Voice Summit 2022 Interviews Part 2 with Skilled Creative, Women In Voice, 169 Labs, VUX World, Veritone, and Attention Live – Voicebot Podcast Ep 279

Voice summit is the largest annual gathering of conversational AI professionals. Voicebot took the opportunity to interview several industry leaders to get their perspectives on the conversational AI market today and where it is headed. In this Part 2 from the Voice 2022 interviews, we have six more guests (with time stamps), including:

  • Sara Taheri of Prudential interviewing Kan Simms, VUX World (6:08)
  • Brandon Kaplan, Skilled Creative (9:35)
  • Corey Hill, Veritone (14:21)
  • Maddie Apple, Women in Voice (18:39)
  • Ian Utile, Attention Live (23:35)
  • Tim Kahle and Dominik Meissner, 169 Labs (25:31)
Topics range from the conversation design for the contact center and an integration layer for voice AI solutions to use cases in Europe and a new sporting event product that employs synthetic announcers and in-game data. You can listen to Part 1 here.

Voice Summit 2022 Interviews – Show Notes Part 2






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