Alexa Football

New Alexa Voice Commands Debut for Fire TV Debut on Thursday Night Football

Amazon is celebrating Prime Video’s exclusive broadcast of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football with new Alexa features for football fans. Viewers interested in game stats can pull up the X-Ray feature by asking Alexa, the first X-Ray command for the voice assistant, and hear facts about the game by asking Alexa directly, among other enhancements.

Alexa Football

The X-Ray feature has long offered information about whatever content someone is watching, including cast, music, and trivia. Accessing X-Ray has always required using a TV remote control of some kind, until now. Those watching Thursday Night Football can just ask turn to the voice assistant, however, and say, “Alexa, open X-Ray.” There they’ll see statistics about the game, watching real-time change to details about the players and their performance. Should they not want to interrupt the game, they can also get audio answers about the game from Alexa by asking about who has rushed the most or which team is up in successful tackles. Alexa can also jump into a live game when asked to play Thursday Night Football or provide playback when it’s added to the user’s watchlist to be automatically recorded. Even when the game isn’t on, fans can ask Alexa to follow specific teams and get regular updates on how the team is doing and any pertinent news about the team and its players.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to bring customers closer to their content with Fire TV, and now we’ve made it even easier for NFL fans to experience Thursday Night Football with new Alexa features,” Amazon entertainment devices and services.vice president Daniel Rausch said in a statement.“From getting live stats to asking Alexa in-depth player questions, we’re delivering customer-first features that let fans keep their eyes on the game and use their voice to interact with their favorite teams in a new way.”


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