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Enterprise Tech Developer Debuts Google Assistant Voice Commands for Payroll

Enterprise software developer Paychex has introduced Google Assistant voice commands for running a company’s payroll. The new Paychex Voice Assist feature allows payroll administrators using Paychex software to set up, adjust, and check on payments by voice through any device with Google Assistant.

Voice Payroll

Once set up, the admin can create or change a payment, look up previous totals, and send in a complete payroll for processing. For security, the system uses Google’s voice match tech as well as a voice PIN, and multiple account lock checkpoints. Once the ID and numbers are confirmed, Google Assistant completes the request. The voice assistant will also alert the user about any relevant news or data analysis.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Paychex, bringing the power of Google Assistant to human resources professionals around the U.S.,” Google director of product management Rebecca Nathenson said. “This industry-first product demonstrates voice technology’s ability to transform the way we work, enabling hands-free, seamless payroll processing wherever you’re located.”

Paychex Voice Assist is designed to streamline the payroll process. Skipping the typing and screen helps, but freeing the adding to work outside the office is a big deal, as Nathenson pointed out. More than a third of payroll admins were submitting payrolls from multiple non-office locations in just one month, according to a recent Paychex survey.

“At Paychex, we’re constantly monitoring data, market challenges, and consumer technology trends to innovate to meet the needs of our clients,” Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product management Tom Hammond said. “Paychex Voice Assist was created to drive efficiency, empowering business leaders to manage payroll within seconds from anywhere and at any time.”


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