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Synthedia – The First Synthetic Media Conference is Online, Free, Next Week

Synthetic media is a group of technologies that are having a moment and gaining momentum. Even if you don’t know the term, you definitely know the technologies that make up the synthetic media landscape. Virtual humans, voice clones, AI-enabled image generators, AI-enabled text generators, deepfakes, synthetic celebrities, and related technologies are all at the forefront of a synthetic media revolution.

The stage of synthetic media adoption today has a lot of similarities to voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in 2016-17. There is so much going on that Voicebot has launched a daily newsletter on the topic and decided to host an online conference next week. The conference is free. The video below offers some added details. Register to attend live or to get easy access to the recordings after the event.

Synthedia Synthetic Media Event Details

  • Event: Synthedia – the Synthetic Media Conference
  • Day: September 14, 2022
  • Time: 12 noon – 3:30 pm EDT

Speakers at the Cutting Edge

It won’t surprise you that Voicebot set out to secure speakers for the event that are doing some of the most advanced and interesting work in the synthetic media space. Greg Cross of Soul Machines and Natalie Monbiot of Hour One will present different solution approaches in the virtual human segment. YouTuber Dom Esposito will discuss what it was like to become a virtual human and why he decided to do it. Respeecher’s Alex Serdiuk and Resemble AI’s Zohaib Ahmed will talk about their work with voice clones and synthetic speech engines in Hollywood. Nvidia’s Paul Cutsinger will discuss developing virtual worlds and virtual beings.

In addition, we will have a filmmaker that created an AI-generated short film in three hours using a variety of synthetic media services. An internationally known artist will discuss her recent collection created using Night Cafe’s art image generator. Skilled Creative’s Brandon Kaplan will talk about the match between these technologies and media companies, the intersection with conversational AI, and the resistance we see to these technologies in some sectors. Plus, we will present a market overview to highlight how this market is evolving and how best to understand its segments. We hope you can join us.