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AI Video Editor Startup Peech Raises $8.3M

AI-powered video editing technology developer Peech has closed an $8.3 million seed funding round led by Ibex Investors. The Israeli startup’s AI applies natural language processing to understand speech in videos well enough to edit them productively and synthesize on-brand visuals to match the video’s content in its newly revised form.

Peech Video

Peech’s AI combines verbal transcription and analysis of a video to spot moments where the speaker pauses too long or says “um” and automatically cuts around them. The company making the video can also incorporate its brand book into the platform, and the AI will build visuals that match the colors and styles the brand prefers and design other images to fit the brand and the context of the video in terms of content, goals, and distribution channels. The AI can edit short videos within a few minutes. While the raw video is produced by humans, the AI intervention in crafting its final form both in audio and visual form, makes Peech’s videos synthetic media. It’s more behind-the-scenes compared to Hour One’s virtual clone of YouTube star Taryn Southern and AI receptionists, but the video ultimately counts AI as the editor. Peech plans to leverage its new capital to widen its reach and develop similar services for other kinds of media.

“Brands must be more authentic, speak to their consumers at eye-level, and create a human connection to break through the content clutter and attract customers, who don’t want to be manipulated by marketing gimmicks anymore,” Peech CEO Danielle Dafni explained. “With Peech, brands are able to remove their dependency on external experts, tools, or websites, allowing content teams to create high quality video content by themself, while maintaining professional and branded standards. Our goal is for content teams to focus on producing exceptional and authentic content, while Peech takes care of the rest.”


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