Virtual Human Bad Girlfriend

Virtual Human Actor Stars in Korean Web Drama

South Korean web drama Bad Girlfriend has added a new, virtual actress to the cast by combining an AI-generated voice and visual effects overlayed into the real-world setting of the show. The synthetic star is named Min Ji Oh and was created by Dexter Studios in a partnership with Bad Girlfriend’s production company, Why Not Media. The AI demonstrates advances in synthetic media tech and how it can be leveraged by companies for commercial purposes.

Acting AI

Dexter Studios’ Virtual Human Project affiliate Nest ENT created Min Ji Oh specifically for Why Not Media to fit the needs of ‘Bad Girlfriend,’ presenting the AI as an aspiring actress and part-time model. The studio even went as far as creating a video of Min Ji Oh “auditioning” for the part to show off its capabilities. The virtual performer is now acting opposite the human stars of ‘Bad Girlfriend,’ a dramatic show about a woman who accidentally accumulates extra boyfriends who happen to all work together. Dexter plans to build on Min Ji Oh in more virtual human projects with Why Not Media and other partners. The goal is to create an entire stable of virtual humans to perform as actors.

Synthetic Media Entertainment

Technical advances have made synthetic media an increasingly attractive investment for media companies looking to augment their content with AI enhancements. This last year has seen a synthetic Simon Cowell by Metaphysic presented at America’s Got Talent, a deepfake Luke Skywalker from Respeecher and Lola VFX on The Mandalorian, and even the hiring of an entirely synthetic chief metaverse officer by Publicis Groupe. Companies are experimenting with different approaches and combinations of AI and human voices and visuals, but synthetic media is very much a growth industry.


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