FN Meka

Capitol Records Signs Synthetic Rapper FN Meka to a Record Deal

Capitol Records has signed a synthetic performer called FN Meka to a music deal, the first “augmented reality artist” with a major label deal, according to the company. FN Meka has accumulated over 10 million followers and a billion views on TikTok and is rated as the most popular synthetic being on the platform.

FN Meka Reality

FN Meka has been producing music and videos for a while. A proprietary AI engine analyzes popular songs within a genre to create ideas for lyrics, chords, tempo, sounds, and the whole melody. Those elements are then blended and tweaked for the final song, but AI acts very much as the central starting point and guidepost for the result. The actual singing voice is human at the moment, but the developer is working on making a synthetic version that can perform the AI-generated lyrics and music. FN Meka has also been collaborating with real artists like Cody Conrad and Gunna, most recently on the new single called “Florida Water.”

AI Music

FN Meka’s songs are part of the developing synthetic music scene, which uses assistance or outright performances by virtual beings to mimic or recreate musical acts. For example, LyricStudio has helped musicians write more than a million songs in under two years by applying machine learning and natural language processing to engage with songwriters as they compose the lyrics to their music. And Capitol Records may be a more prominent label, but LG signed virtual human Reah Keem, its corporate speaker, to a deal with entertainment firm Mystic Story to collaborate on an album of songs performed by Keem.


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