Voice Strategy Workshop – Webinar with 3 Customer Examples Led by Voicify

Voicebot is hosting a voice strategy workshop webinar on July 14th (tomorrow) at 12 noon EDT. The workshop-style webinar will be led by Jason Fields, chief strategy officer of Voicify. He will lay out a strategy framework, offer some tips on process and strategy formulation, and discuss how this applied to three different companies with differing objectives. Examples will include Volkswagen, Wolverine, and Audacy. These will provide broad insight applicable to any company with specific ideas for automotive, consumer goods, and media.


Event Details

The event will include interactive exercises, an overview of the voice strategy development process, user examples, and some tips and tricks everyone should know when building their voice strategy and capabilities. A presentation segment will be followed by a live Q&A for attendees with Voicify’s Fields and Voicebot’s Bret Kinsella. Register to attend the webinar live or to receive access to the recording afterward.

  • Day: Thursday, July 14
  • Time: 12 noon EDT
  • Duration: 30 minute workshop and presentation followed by Q&A
  • Location: Zoom
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Custom Voice Assistants on the Agenda

There will also be a discussion around custom voice assistants. Voicebot analysis shows custom voice assistants that offer enterprises, consumer brands, and media companies total control over the user experience and data are the key driver of new activity in the voice AI market today. Fields will specifically address the foundational elements of custom voice assistant programs along with the broader themes underlying an effective voice strategy.