AI Startup MeetKai Open AR Metaverse Portal in Times Square Billboard

AI startip MeetKai opened a portal to the metaverse in a Times Square billboard this week. The conversational AI provider used the billboard to debut its “AI-powered metaverse,” which uses augmented reality to overlay the real world with the synthetic one through smart devices and virtual reality headsets.

MeetKai Metaverse

MeetKai’s billboard combines visions of its metaverse with a QR code that links to a colorful virtual version of the area of New York this week to unveil the MeetKai metaverse, which you can access on your phone via a QR code on a billboard in Times Square. When you tap on it with your smartphone camera app, the browser app generates an animated version of Times Square with an avatar representing you that can then travel the startup’s metaverse. This is the first phase of MeetKai’s plan to make a completely digital world to lay invisibly on top of the physical one until it’s made visible by a smart device. The New York City billboard, which will stay up until Aug. 11, is also a chance for the company to try out metaverse commerce, with users getting a chance to win an NFT called “Key to the City – NYC Edition” as well as gift cards and other features. MeetKai is also opening a virtual Louvre museum for people to explore. less of location will be able to claim a MeetKai Metaverse citizenship and enter an alternate Louvre metaverse, also developed by MeetKai.

“We are rewriting the rules of the metaverse in ways that lower barriers to technology adoption, make it easier and more accessible on-the-go for smart device users, and provide high-performance immersive experiences; all without the need for closed system apps or costly hardware such as VR headsets,” MeetKai co-founder and CEO James Kaplan explained. “Our core expertise in conversational AI has also enabled us to develop leapfrog smart virtual assistant services that will make the metaverse more intuitive, human, and more valuable for consumers, creators, and businesses.”


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