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Alexa Beats Google Assistant and Siri in Voice Assistant Popularity as Voice AI Market Expands

Alexa handily wins the voice assistant popularity contest against Siri and Google Assistant in the U.S., UK, and Germany, according to the new Voice Consumer Index 2022 from voice agency Vixen Labs. Alexa came out ahead of its rivals even as the overall number of people using voice assistants and the frequency they access them rose.

Alexa First

Vixen conducted 6,000 interviews in the three countries surveyed. They worked with the Open Voice Network, Veritone, and SEC Newgate to release the final version of the report.The graph above shows the overall usage of the three most popular voice assistants in the U.S., UK, and Germany. Notably, usage in Germany overall has hist 54%, crossing the halfway mark for all of Germany. It’s these notes that help paint the picture of voice assistants quickly becoming ubiquitous, simply another aspect of technology in people’s lives.

“There comes a time in every big technology cycle when we see a tipping point – that moment when it goes from a novelty to a go-to tool. As the team and I dove into the Voice Consumer Index data for 2022, we saw that tipping point,” Vixen Labs CEO James “JP” Poulter wrote to introduce the survey. “Voice assistants and the assistance they provide have been in our lives in one way or another for more than a decade now. We are turning to them without thinking about it, just to get things done. We see growth across all devices, platforms, and use cases, fuelled by increased consumer awareness and an understanding of what their voice assistants can do for them.”

More Talking

The growth isn’t just in how many people are using it, but how often they turn to voice assistants. The graph above shows that 38% of people in the U.S. and UK use a voice assistant at least once a day, an increase of 8% in the US and 5% in the UK compared to last year. Germany is only slightly behind at 32%, only a 1% increase from last year, though Germany also has larger percentage of non-users compared to the other two countries.

“Consumers are continuing to embrace voice technology and more and more are making it a part of their daily lives, Open Voice Network Research Lead Susan Westwater explained in the report. “More importantly, usage in general increased indicating that as consumers become more comfortable with voice, they are using it more frequently. With more than half of every market’s consumers using Voice, a smart marketer can’t afford to ignore Voice as a channel and needs to have a voice strategy and roadmap so they are not missing an opportunity to reach their audiences.”


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