What 70 Companies Told Speechly They Needed From a Voice UI

Speechly recently graduated from the famed tech accelerator Y Combinator. During the program, the company leaders had the opportunity to speak with 70 companies and gauge their interest levels and requirements around voice user interfaces. What they found was not the typical voice assistant centric need but significant interest in voice as a feature. Whereas the voice assistant often is positioned as central to a solution, voice as a feature complements another interface using technology to facilitate an activity.

Otto Söderlund, CEO and co-founder of Speechly, demonstrates two in-game applications and has a partner discusses new enterprise applications for diskless workers in the webinar video embedded below. You have three examples to ponder if you want to see how voice AI is evolving past the voice assistant.

Voice as a Feature

A key finding is that enterprises are finding value in voice as a feature more than voice assistant functionality. Voice as a feature is often a voice user interface (VUI) that complements a visual interface. These solutions employ voice technology to facilitate activities as opposed to control the entire experience.

This is an important observation. The voice assistant has dominated the discussion of voice technology since Siri’s introduction a decade ago. However, everyone recognizes that voice assistants can inhibit user experience for many use cases. They offer significant benefits in some scenarios but not in others. Very often, these other scenarios can benefit from voice employed as a UI feature without the overhead associated with a full voice assistant stack.

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