What’s Working and What’s Not in AI Projects – Video

Artificial intelligence (AI) may still be in the early period of adoption but it has now been around long enough that patterns are emerging around successful project approaches and solution design. Emerson Sklar, the senior director of AI/ML at Applause, joined Voicebot for a webinar and interview to discuss what is working and what is not with AI projects. Applause has a unique position to gather these insights because of the broad reach of enterprises that employ its testing services for AI projects.

Lessons from Chatbots to VR and Security

Sklar focuses his talk on three AI-based use cases in production today. The best practice tips to embrace and pitfalls to avoid for conversational AI chatbots show a new maturity in AI projects that is overtaking the trial and error approaches of the recent past. His VR project example highlights the intersection between AI software functionality and physical products that add user variability and unexpected errors. And, several challenges related to AI-based security solutions will offer new insight to anyone that has not already tackled these applications.

Throughout the presentation and interview, Sklar focuses not just on the specific project examples but also the broader lessons that can be applied across AI projects. And, it is not just about testing. Applause is known as the leader in testing services for a range of digital applications both with and without AI technology. However, test applications offers a unique vantage point to see both good and bad feature implementation decisions as well as strategy and performance. Applause’s experience might save you from repeating common mistakes and focusing instead on elements that will increase your project’s success.

What 5000 Consumers Said

Another angle that might interest you is what Applause found in a recent global survey of more than 5,000 consumers along with data from recent Voicebot reports. One example spotlights the items that most frustrate consumers when employing chatbots. You can see in the chart below that not being able to find answers, chatbots that have trouble interpreting the user’s intent, and having to connect with an agent are all points that undermine the customer experience. This data along with several other charts related to AI consumer adoption are discussed.

We hope you find the information in this webinar useful and that it extends your knowledge of where we are today in implementing real-world AI solutions. If you want to learn more about Applause, go to Applause.com.

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