Alexa App PC Brazil

Amazon Launches Alexa App for PCs in Brazil

Amazon has brought the Alexa app for Windows 10 and 11 to Brazil. The PC version of the voice assistant operates much like it does on the smartphone app in any country. Alexa offers the same mix of features and speaks the Brazilian Portuguese added to its languages in 2019 when it first debuted in Brazil.

PC Voice

The Alexa app for PC is downloadable from the Microsoft Store. Once downloaded and activated, the Alexa app mimics the experience of its smartphone variant. The app includes Show Mode, which turns the computer into essentially a smart display. Users can awaken Alexa from a distance if the computer has far-field microphones. They can then request anything from making calls or sending messages, streaming audio and video content, or managing connected smart home devices. Any images or text are displayed on the whole screen. If the app is left running, Show Mode can even be set to turn on automatically if the computer is untouched for a while.

“People use computers every day for both business and entertainment, and with the free Alexa PC app, they can, with a simple voice command, use the benefits of Alexa, ranging from basic features to thousands of skills,” Amazon Brazil country manager Talita Bruzzi Taliberti, said in a translated statement. “Artificial intelligence is easy to use for everyone, even for those who are not very aware of new technologies: you just need to talk to Alexa. This new app has also made it easier for customers to take Alexa anywhere, whether it’s changing rooms in their home, going to the office or on a trip.”

Alexa Brazil

Amazon hasn’t shared specifics about Alexa’s success in Brazil after its 2019 release. The PC Alexa app launch is a positive sign, however. It also fits with other Amazon efforts in the country, including selling Echo Buds there relatively early. Brazil is also so far the only country to host the Alexa Accessibility Awards, a contest for third-party Alexa developers working on making skills accessible for those with disabilities.


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