Tidal Streaming Service Integrates Siri Voice Control, But Not on HomePod Minis

Siri can now operate music streaming service Tidal on iOS devices like it does Apple Music or Spotify. The frequently requested integration is limited to the iPhone and iPad app, however, leaving Apple HomePod Mini smart speaker owners still without Tidal voice controls.

Tidal Siri

Tidal announced the Siri integration in a three-word tweet reading, “TIDAL meets Siri,” followed by some longer, slightly tongue-in-cheek responses to requests for the feature reaching back over a year. Though plenty of Tidal users will likely be cheered to be able to access the streaming service by asking Siri, the update also called attention to where Tidal and Apple are lacking in voice support. On Apple’s end, the Siri commands don’t reach every Apple device with the voice assistant. Siri can’t control Tidal on the HomePod Mini smart speaker despite its role as the flagship smart speaker from Apple just by default. That’s a limitation that might reduce interest in buying a HomePod Mini, subscribing to Tidal, or both.

The HomePod Mini launched with almost no third-party music service support from Apple, who eventually revised its rules to allow other music streaming platforms. The change might have been too late to matter, however, as there hasn’t been much of a stampede from music providers since. Spotify notably suggests switching to an Alexa device when operated by a Siri command. The Siri integration also inadvertently highlights that Google Assistant, the other major mobile voice assistant, still doesn’t support Tidal directly. The only way to link the two is to use Google Cast to play Tidal on wirelessly connected speakers.


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