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Mayo Clinic Launches Health AI Startup Accelerator With Google and Epic

The Mayo Clinic has begun an accelerator for health AI startups called the Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate. The four startups in this first cohort will participate in a 20-week program run by Mayo with tech experts from Google and Epic.

Mayo Accelerate

Mayo put together the accelerator with an eye toward helping AI startups prepare for the market. The healthcare space is full of unique contours that can trip up startups and cause a wealth of problems.The Mayo Clinic and its collection of experts on technology, regulation, and the business of healthcare will help guide the cohort through that maze. Epic and Google will support the cohort with their own relevant workshops along the way. There are only four in the first group for the Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate program, with potentially larger cohorts to follow.

“Health tech startups are critical contributors to the cycle of innovation,” Mayo Clinic Platform president Dr. John Halamka said. “We are excited to collaborate with these innovators to solve some of the most complex problems in medicine today.”

The four startups in the cohort are:

Quadrant Health – New York-based startup using health records and patient messaging analytics to coordinate communications and even predict patient harm ahead of time.

ScienceIO – New York and Boston-based startup using AI to create organizational tools to cut down on paperwork and admin for doctors.

cliexa – Denver-based patient data analytics focusing on using AI to provide plans for people with chronic or cardiovascular diseases to maintain their health.

Seer Medical – Melbourne, Australia-based developer of at-home epilepsy diagnostics and management models working on finding digital biomarkers to predict seizures.


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