Mayo Clinic Discusses Voice Initiatives for Healthcare – Voicebot Podcast Ep 133

Healthcare will be a big adopter of voice technology and voice assistants. Mayo Clinic is out front innovating around new and intriguing use cases which we discuss in today’s show. Some topics covered include:

  • Mayo Clinic’s Alexa skill and first-party answers
  • A proof of concept for medical examination rooms with an assistant than can answer patient questions
  • A mobile app using Mayo Clinic content as part of post-procedure follow-up, treatment and adherence
  • Mayo Clinic’s lack of a defined persona for its voice experiences
  • And, much more…
Dr. Sandhya Pruthi is a physician at Mayo Clinic focused on breast cancer treatment and research and a frequent speaker on voice technology. She is the current president and board of trustees member of the National Consortium of breast centers among several other industry recognitions. Dr. Pruthi earned her medical degree from the University of Manitoba.
Joyce Even is Vice-Chair of Global Business Solutions, Content Management and Delivery at Mayo Clinic where she oversees a variety of initiatives related to medical and health content dissemination as part of the Clinic’s mission to serve its local and global communities. Joyce is a CPA with a background in accounting, an MBA, and also holds a degree in Nursing.

Show Notes – Mayo Clinic Interviews with Dr. Sandhya Pruthi and Joyce Even

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