Voice AI Predictions 2022 with 6 More Industry Leaders – Voicebot Podcast Ep 244

Six more industry leaders join with Voicebot’s Bret Kinsella to discuss 2022 voice AI predictions, barriers to adoption, and top developments in the industry over the past two years. Once again, these industry leaders brought novel insights and built on what some of their peers shared in Episode 243, but then took it even further.

There is a discussion around proactive assistants, the trough of disillusionment, a return to command and control voice interfaces, a shift away from Amazon’s and Google’s orbits, new enterprise applications, and what’s next. These two episodes complement the opinions shared in Voicebot’s annual industry leader predictions article on January 1, 2022. We also asked additional a couple of additional questions to get a better sense of how these experts view the industry’s past and present along with the expected future.

This is part 2 of the two-part series as we start 2022 called the Voices of Voice. We expect to do more of these in the coming year to get feedback from the people that are shaping the future of the industry. Today’s episode includes commentary from:

  • Joao Alqueres, CEO of Iara Digital
    • 10:20 – new ways of monetizing experiences voice-interactive experiences
    • 25:05 – turn-taking paradigm is a barrier to faster voice AI adoption
    • 30:55 – the ability to create custom voice assistants most important recent industry change
  • Benjamin Brown, vice president at ConverseNow
    • 10:52 – rise of voice AI availability across consumer services to fill open jobs
    • 20:11 – consumers require more education around voice AI’s role and value
    • 33:45 – labor shortage has increased the need for voice AI technologies
  • Pete Erickson, CEO of Modv and Voice Summit
    • 9:21 – new focus on conversational AI as an interface
    • 14:46 – legacy technologies are entrenched and slowing voice AI adoption
    • 31:53 – using voice AI across more products and services rose over the past two years
  • Hannes Heikinheimo, co-founder and CTO of Speechly
    • 5:38 – transition from turn-based dialogue to command and control; voice as a feature
    • 17:34 – trust is the biggest barrier to faster and broader voice AI adoption
    • 26:11 – trough of disillusionment of the past two years is reorienting to a focus on value
  • Mike Zagorsek, COO of Soundhound
    • 4:34 – voice assistants will take a more proactive role
    • 23:40 – building a voice assistant is a layered process and strategic decision
    • 36:23 – need to create consistent voice experience regardless of the channel
  • Dylan Zwick, co-founder and chief product officer of Plus Labs
    • 13:39 – key barrier to conversational AI is the perception of stalled industry momentum
    • 35:40 – recognition that voice has potential beyond Alexa and Google Assistant shifted industry focus
  • Bret Kinsella, founder Voicebot.ai
    • 37:26 – common threads among 14 voice industry leader predictions and observations

Show Notes – Voice AI Predictions – Part 2

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