Google Text Speech

Google Revamps Text-to-Speech Interface

Google has introduced a reworked visual interface for Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text (STT) API. The new system is set up in the Google Cloud Console to streamline the process for developers interested in applying the API to their software.


Google’s API turns speech into text using automatic speech recognition and transcription tools developed by the tech giant. The API augments software with speech services so that users can talk to their program and be understood. The API helps with captioning, dictation, and transmitting voice commands to devices. But while the software is powerful, it has required advanced knowledge and patience including repeated manual testing and tuning to get the desired level of accuracy. The new interface simplifies matters and includes ‘Model Adaptation’ for customizing them based on domains or use cases and in more than 70 languages.

“Today’s announcement significantly simplifies the process, facilitating iteration and integration of models into developers’ applications by letting developers perform every API function from within the Google Cloud Console,” Google explained in a blog post. “These tools will make it easier for developers to integrate the STT API with their products or services. This update also gives developers the ability to manage and quickly iterate on their STT model customizations with Model Adaptation.”

Text Transformation

Google introduced the text-to-speech cloud service for speech synthesis back in 2018. The feature uses DeepMind’s WaveNet technology connected to Google’s cloud-based neural networks. The feature has become a key part of Google Cloud’s offerings, especially in the last year. Wendy’s inked a deal with Google Cloud to incorporate AI and voice tools into the restaurant chain. In April, Google Cloud teamed with GE Appliances to augment future GE smart home devices with Google’s data and AI products. The idea is to streamline how Google’s smart home software gets connected to GE’s products. Most recently, natural language processing (NLP) startup Cohere partnered with Google Cloud to set up and train its large language models on Google’s dedicated supercomputers. The arrangement will power Cohere’s platform with Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning hardware and infrastructure.


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