Google Cloud Partners With NLP Startup Cohere to Train Large Language Models

Natural language processing (NLP) startup Cohere has teamed up with Google Cloud to set up and train its large language models on Google’s dedicated supercomputers. The arrangement will power Cohere’s platform with Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning hardware and infrastructure.

Cohere Cloud

Cohere’s platform takes the sometimes overwhelming amount of unstructured text and data, analyzes it with its own NLP, and draws out useful conclusions and notable trends. The multi-year deal essentially supports the development of Cohere’s language models with Google’s infrastructure, including its Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). Cohere can use Google Cloud servers designed for its size to improve and widen access to its models to more business clients. The models are relatively easy to adjust with a minimal amount of coding and time. Cohere pitches their creation as a cheaper alternative to rival language models, another way the deal with Google Cloud should enhance Cohere’s appeal. Cohere also debuted an API for its language model for customers earlier this week. The improvements made through the Google Cloud partnership will likely funnel back to the API over time.

“By partnering with Google Cloud and using Cloud TPUs, Google’s best-in-class machine learning infrastructure, we are bringing cutting-edge NLP technology to every developer and every organization through a powerful platform,” Cohere CEO Aidan Gomez explained in a statement.  “Until now, high-quality NLP models have been the sole domain of large companies. Through this partnership we’re giving developers access to one of the most important technologies to emerge from the modern AI revolution.”

Cloudy Language

Google Cloud is striving to be part of the trend through new features and partnerships. Most recently, Wendy’s inked a deal with Google Cloud to incorporate AI and voice tools into the restaurant chain. In April, Google Cloud teamed with GE Appliances to augment future GE smart home devices with Google’s data and AI products. The idea is to streamline how Google’s smart home software gets connected to GE’s products. Google doesn’t mention any direct benefit to the deal with Cohere, but the growing interest in better enterprise NLP means there will likely be plenty of profit opportunities to come.

“Leading companies around the world are using AI to fundamentally transform their business processes and deliver more helpful customer experiences,” Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said. “Our work with Cohere will make it easier and more cost-effective for any organization to realize the possibilities of AI with powerful NLP services powered by Google’s custom-designed Tensor Processing Units (TPUs).”


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