Morocco Tax Directorate Launches Conversational AI

The Moroccan government has launched a virtual assistant to help citizens pay their taxes. The Directorate General of Taxes introduced the new Chatbox conversational AI as part of a government-wide effort to streamline administration and answer questions about taxes through an official chatbot.

Chatbox Morocco

Chatbox is accessible on the DGI’s website and mobile Daribati application. The AI can answer questions about paying taxes through the government’s online portal in both Arabic and French, the two most common languages spoken in Morocco. The DGI’s goal is to support the existing communication tools like call centers and email with an always-available AI that can pull information from official government sources. The Moroccan government is planning to expand the scope of the bilingual chatbot in the months ahead, with more resources and better conversational ability. The DGI is the first Moroccan ministry to implement the technology, but the ministry of digital transition and administrative reform has national projects underway for digitalizing administrative services across the board.

“This virtual agent, which is based on an artificial intelligence brick, makes it possible to interact with users in two languages ​​(Arabic and French), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to assist them in their dealings with the tax authorities,” the DGI explained in a translated press release. “This first version of the “chatbot” was designed to answer the most frequently asked questions relating to “SIMPL” online tax services, with a view to gradually extending its scope to other aspects related to taxation.”

AI Government

More and more governments are turning to AI in text and voice form to connect with citizens, both built by public agencies like Morocco or with voice app developers like Voicify. Estonia will launch its Bürokratt AI virtual assistant this year to help Estonians access benefits and complete tasks through voice conversations. India has chosen to go with conversational AI startup Senseforth for its virtual assistant plans, and Russia’s Sberbank and its Salute voice assistant are now connected to the national government’s public services portal to provide marriage licenses and other government services.

The same goes for regional and municipal efforts conversational AI. In October, the city of Dubai debuted the ‘Fares’ AI as a voice assistant on the city’s hotline or as a chatbot through Dubai’s official WhatsApp number. Users can ask about the city and its services, report any issues, and learn what they owe in housing taxes. Meanwhile, Mesa, Arizona, created an Alexa skill to answer questions and arrange utility bill payments.


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