Virtual Veterinarian Assistant VetPawer Will Now Refill Your Pet’s Prescriptions

Voice AI veterinarians startup VetPawer has augmented its Automated Virtual Assistant known as Ava to spot owners who need to refill medical prescriptions for their pets. The virtual agent will cross-reference an owner calling for an appointment with their pet’s records and ask if they want to fill the meds, too, adding a proactive facet to the conversational AI.

VetPawer Voice

Ava launched last year as a variant of the voice AI for doctors that has become immensely popular in the wake of COVID-19. Like HeyRenee, Orbita, Hyro,  and others, Ava applies voice recognition and AI to determine who is calling and help set up an appointment. The difference is that VetPawer specializes in animal-centered medical care instead of humans. The new update expands those capabilities to incorporate prescriptions by enabling the AI to scan the pet’s records for where it looks like it’s time for more meds. The platform is embedded within the healthcare practice’s communications software to organize the refills and appointments without the need for human intervention.

“We see that veterinary teams are more stressed now than ever before. AVA not only helps take the load off the practice’s staff, but also provides a contemporary client experience that is fast and efficient,” VetPawer CEO Jerry Savage explained. “AVA’s dialog is human-like, and clients are telling their veterinary practices they love the ease of scheduling appointments.”

Pet AI

The relatively quick adoption of conversational AI by healthcare organizations fits with the rising interest found in Voicebot’s research. The percentage of people who have used a voice assistant for healthcare-related matters has risen from 7.5% to 21% in the last two years. Consumer interest in accessing information about illnesses, not least COVID-19, and a growing number of voice healthcare options have helped raise those numbers. Tools like CVS’ app that reads prescriptions on bottles out loud to people with limited vision or the many lucrative clinical voice assistants all make it clear that conversational AI in the medical industry is here to stay. Specializing in dentistry like Bola or veterinary medicine like VetPawer and Talkatoo is simply the logical next step for that trend.


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