AI Sales Coach Startup Second Nature Launches With $12.5M Funding Round

Enterprise AI startup Second Nature has launched in tandem with raising $12.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Signals Venture Capital. Second Nature offers a conversational AI sales coach named Jenny to analyze and share insight on how to improve sales efficiency.

Jenny Sales

Second Nature is designed around pooling information and skills to raise revenue through sales, especially larger firms. The Jenny assistant can discuss how the seller is performing, keep them current on the product and service list, and even roleplay as a potential customer so the salesperson can practice. The practice partner can be adjusted to reflect clients of different ages, genders, and backgrounds, and will score the result, accordingly. The new money rockets Second Nature’s investment to 15.5 million. The new round also included contributions from Second Nature client Zoom through its Zoom Apps Fund.

“This demonstration of confidence from our new and current investors will help us transform enterprise sales productivity at scale,” said Second Nature CEO Ariel Hitron explained. “In the growing sales tech landscape, Second Nature has established itself as a leader in AI-powered simulation and role-play for customer-facing roles. By helping companies transition their sales coaching from being ad hoc to data-driven and structured, we’re empowering executives to drive real change in their organizations.”

Enterprising Efforts

Businesses have been experimenting with using conversational AI to improve sales for a few years, though the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent spike in remote interactions accelerated the trend. Major funding and acquisition stories around tech startups that can aid in the task are not uncommon. For instance, bought conversational analytics firm less than a year after it raised $54 million. Gridspace’s Sift platform for transcribing and examining conversations Twilio’s real-time call analytics service, Outreach’s Kaia voice assistant for sales, and speech analytics firm CallMiner, which raised $75 million from Goldman Sachs all suggest the competition in this space is far from over.


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