Price is Right Alexa

Alexa Spins the Showcase Showdown in The Price is Right Voice Game

Alexa device owners can channel Bob Barker by playing The Price is Right on smart speakers and smart displays. Voice game developer Volley partnered with Fremantle, the company that owns the show, to launch the new game as part of the celebrations for the game show’s 50th anniversary.

Price Sounds Right

Volley designed the new game to work with audio-only devices as well as those with a screen. The game is playable on Echo smart speakers Echo Show smart displays, and Fire smart TVs. Like in the game show, players have to guess how much retail items cost. For this game, the prices are based on what’s for sale on Amazon, using real devices. Those who guess the closest price without going over win points. As with its namesake television program, the voice game offers more complex tasks in between straight guesses, such as Plinko, which asks players to pick the right digits from the price of small prizes to earn Plinko chips. Volley is working on in-game purchases to enhance the experience in the future.

“As the longest-running game show in television history, ‘The Price Is Right’ has always been ahead of the curve, introducing new games to audiences while staying true to its classics and we’re thrilled to continue driving that creativity with Volley’s innovative approach to voice games,” Fremantle vice president of commercial and licensing Angela Hueber said. “With ‘The Price Is Right’ now in its 50th season, this voice game is the perfect opportunity to draw in new audiences while giving fans an exciting way to engage with a show they already know and love.”

Volley On

Volley has been at the forefront of voice games since it launched five years ago. The company is known for games like Song Quiz, Popcorn Tycoon, and Yes Sire. The company acquired the game studio Voxion in April to boost its game lineup and potentially use Voxion’s tech to build games that can connect to smartphones. In July, Volley debuted a new Google Assistant puzzle game in the summer called Magic Word combining audio and visual clues like GIFs and music. The Price is Right is Volley’s second licensed game show game, following the launch of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” with MGM in January.

“It’s an exciting creative process to re-design iconic game shows for the voice format,” Volley director of voice user experience Jess Thornhill said. “The rise of speech technology has enabled us to make gaming more intuitive, personal and joyful, and we’re always exploring new ways to reimagine classic entertainment experiences.”


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