Miriam Daniel

Former Amazon Alexa and Echo Vice President Starts at Google

Amazon Echo and Alexa Devices vice president Miriam Daniel has departed the company after almost eight years for a job at Google. Daniel is now vice president and general manager of Google Geo Maps Experiences, according to her LinkedIn profile, although the details of her new role are not clear.

Daniel Departs

Daniel joined Amazon as product management director for Amazon Echo Products in 2014 from Intel. In 2018, she ascended to her vice president position. She became more of a public-facing figure as vice president, helping run some of Amazon’s device showcase events, where she recently introduced the new Echo Show 15. A quick survey of LinkedIn doesn’t show anyone taking up her specific role. There are several Echo and Alexa-centered vice presidents at Amazon, but all of them have been in their position for at least a couple of years.

Neither Amazon nor Daniel has publicly commented on the move and Daniel has been quiet about switching over to Google and what her new role entails. The timing is certainly notable as the number of Echos and Alexa devices has rapidly multiplied of late. Along with new smart speakers and displays, Amazon has produced new Alexa-focused smart TVs, a new Disney voice assistant, and even an Alexa robot named Astro. Whatever the Google Geo Maps Experience program is must have been very enticing for her to make the move as Alexa devices mushroom with more variety than ever.


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