Voice Game Developers Create BotBridge to Use $BOT Coin as a User Loyalty and Retention Feature

Voice game developers can award players $BOT Coin for playing thanks to a new tech service called Botbridge that links the creator coin cryptocurrency with voice apps. BotBridge offers a software add-on to developers that channels their $Bot Coin to a player’s account on Ethereum sidechain Rally as they play.

BotBridge $Bot Coin

Players of games participating in the program need to have a Rally account and connect it to the voice assistant they are using to play the game. The system works with any Alexa, Google Assistant, and other major voice assistant platforms. The $Bot Coin is sent automatically to their Rally account as they play or otherwise engage with the voice app, depending on how the developer sets up the reward system. The program is kicking off with two Alexa games, the Brazilian Portuguese word game Minha Palavra and the English language mystery adventure game Detective X, with other games and voice apps expected to join in the near future. Developers can apply to be part of the $Bot Coin Rewards program on BotBridge.

“I’ve been tinkering with widgets for a long time and had an idea for widgets to distribute Bot Coin in games,” BotBridge co-founder Joao Paulo Alqueres told Voicebot in an interview. “I was influenced by the play-to-earn NFT games and saw an opportunity to make this for voice games. BotBridge could solve some of the discoverability and monetization problems facing [voice game] developers. ”

Alqueres and BotBridge co-founder Clint McLean designed the $Bot Coin Rewards program to offer benefits to both voice game players and the developers behind the games. Players have an incentive to continue playing the game, while developers can use the program to entice new users and incentivize existing ones to play more, including buying upgrades or premium subscriptions. Once a player has earned some $BOT Coin, they can exchange it as they wish on Rally or leverage it to acquire NFTs that enhance the voice game with bonus $BOT Coin rewards, special game features, or other benefits. BotBridge envisions developers earning more money directly and indirectly as a result of the rewards program, which should motivate further voice game development and community connections.

“I thought it would be great for developers to have access to lines of code they could add on to apps and immediately be set up and ready to use. The coin works across platforms, engaging [players] with constant rewards,” Alqueres said. “The system drives coins to players based on their activity, divided into microtransactions. The people who earn [Bot Coin] can then spend them or trade them on the marketplace.”

Coining Voices

$BOT Coin launched in March as a way for the conversational AI industry to build support and come up with monetization methods. The social token cryptocurrency is designed to boost community ties by the industry leaders who partnered to launch it, including Voicebot founder Bret Kinsella. The token has been used for various projects. For instance, participants in making the Jovo open-source framework earned some of the social tokens, Modev is making it an incentive to event sponsors, and VoiceBrew offers $BOT Coin as a newsletter referral reward. In May, Voicebot set up the $Bot Coin Fund to support developers coming up with ways of making $Bot Coin part of their experiences. BotBridge is one of the first projects supported by the 2,000 $BOT Coins set aside for the fund, valued at about $11,674 at publication. The potential for BotBridge goes well beyond just game rewards, according to Alqueres and McLean. They see it as the beginning of a new world of advertising and branding, one that sidesteps some of the annoyances endemic to the ad models currently in place.

“We think that this is the new option for advertising budgets. Instead of interrupting advertising on the phone, what we think is we can create a system that incentivizes playing,” Alqueres said. “Instead of spending $2,000 on Instagram ads, you buy Bot Coin. There are many more players playing games consistently. $Bot Coin can open new revenue streams and start new communities.”


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