Audioburst Finder

Audioburst Releases Podcast Search Widget for Websites

Audio content search startup Audioburst has rolled out a new digital widget to sift through audio content for specific words and phrases. The new Finder widget hunts among recorded podcasts and events for keywords and creates the short ‘bursts’ that Audioburst was namer for. The idea is to help podcasters share their shows and make it easier for people to discover audio they may want to hear from even just a small snippet of a show.

Audio Finder

Finder is integrated into a search box that can be embedded on a website (and is currently part of Voicebot’s own podcast page, as seen at the top of the article). Audioburst unveiled Finder as a beta for people to sign up to try at Podcast Movement 2021, a major conference for podcast producers. Once people try a search, they can go through the resulting bursts to sample what the show or series is about before deciding whether to subscribe for regular listening. Finder can also directly share those bursts to their social media accounts, furthering the goal of drawing new audience members to listen to a show.

“The Audioburst Finder brings us one step closer to solving the challenge of audio discovery,” Audioburst CEO Amir Hirsh said. “It opens a window through which listeners can search and sample creators’ content before subscribing. Additionally, as brands build out audio strategies and produce high-quality content, Audioburst Finder gives them a new way to repurpose the content and engage consumers right from their corporate website.”

Virtual Bursts

Finder is a major new addition to Audioburst, which has been steadily upgrading and extending its platform since it first debuted. A year ago, Audioburst introduced a premium analytics tool for audio producers. In March,  Audioburst shared a new platform for sending podcasts to mobile apps with updates in almost real-time. Demand for audio content of various forms has risen in the wake of COVID-19. More than 100 million Americans reported that they listen to podcasts on a regular basis earlier this year. An uptick in podcast production has been matched by the appearance of podcast outlets like Facebook’s recent foray into the field. And as the pandemic shut down and scaled back in-person events, online, virtual conferences and hybrid events have become the norm. Finder can augment those virtual events by enabling people to search through the sessions and draw more attention and attendees, online or otherwise. That’s part of why Audioburst first shared the tool at the Podcast Movement conference. Finder on the event website can pull out audio clips from the sessions that people want to relive or experience for the first time.


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