Consumers in Germany and the UK use their Smart Speakers Much More Than the U.S.

There is always a question about whether a popular consumer electronic device will be just a fad or become a lasting fixture of daily life. Smart speaker use frequency over time suggests it is already in the latter category. Data from several recent surveys conducted by show that this is true in the U.S., UK, and Germany but that Americans use the device with significantly less frequency than their European counterparts.

European Smart Speaker Frequency of Use

The number of consumers in the U.S., UK, and Germany that say they use their smart speakers at last monthly or weekly but not daily is very similar across the countries at 25.6%, 26.3%, and 23.5% respectively. However, the pattern diverges at the infrequent and high frequency of use ends of the spectrum. Less than 10% of consumers in the UK and Germany say they never or rarely use their smart speaker. That figure is nearly 1-in-4 among U.S. consumers. This may reflect the fact that there smart speakers given away in promotions in the U.S. at a higher rate than in the UK and Germany.

Still, even in the U.S. the combined monthly and daily users reflect over 75% of device owners. That figure suggests strong adoption and habit formation after smart speakers are purchased.

However, the figures are far higher in the UK and Germany where 66.3% and 66.8% of consumers respectively say they are daily active users of smart speakers. When combined with monthly active users, about 93% of smart speaker owners in the UK and 90% in Germany say they use the devices at least monthly.

The data were collected in 2021 through surveys of over 3,300 consumers divided between the three countries with no country represented by fewer than 1,000 consumers. In addition to accessing their smart speakers more frequently overall, consumers in the UK and Germany also reported more frequent use of all 18 leading smart speaker use cases than their U.S. counterparts.

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