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HandsFree Health Smartwatch Fully Integrates WellBe Voice Assistant Features

Healthcare AI developer HandsFree Health has made its WellBe voice assistant completely accessible from its Emergency Alert Smartwatch. The integration gives wearers the health-monitoring services of the affiliated smart speaker without needing to be at home to access them.

Ask WellBe

HandsFree Health’s smartwatch is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) and already came with a built-in heart rate monitor, pedometer, and GPS. Now, users can activate the microphone in the watch, awaken the HIPAA -compliant voice assistant, and “Ask WellBe” general health questions or find a nearby pharmacy. On a more personal level, it can measure blood pressure and proactively remind wearers when it is time to take their medication.

The AI also assists with more mundane services, accessing online sources to search for nearby businesses and reading out the local weather and news. WellBe also serves as a smart home hub and can control any devices affiliated with a user’s account, turning off lights and completing similar tasks when they are not home. All of the extra functions will be available to current smartwatch owners with a downloadable update pushed by HandsFree Health later this spring.

“We always knew we wanted to make WellBe accessible in more locations than just the home,” said HandsFree Health CEO Mike Cardillo said in a statement.  “We believe that adding a virtual health assistant like WellBe to smartwatches will completely transform what customers expect in mobile PERS technology.”

Home and Away Health

The WellBe smart speaker largely carries out the same duties as the smartwatch, using voice recognition to identify people in the home to better track their health and offer reminders about medication and doctor appointments. It can even alert emergency contacts when that happens. Though not a smartwatch, Zcare combines a handheld health data gathering tool with a smart display to help track relevant metrics. Zcare uses Amazon Alexa as a voice assistant for the display and doesn’t embed one in the mobile component, however. HandsFree Health needs to find ways like this to stand out partly because there’s been a race to release home healthcare tech like its proprietary software. Several voice-activated robotic companions have hit the market, including  Pria, designed by Pillo Health and Stanley Black & Decker, which combines a smart display with a pill dispenser, as well as LifePod, a ‘proactive’ smart speaker built to help aging or socially isolated people that can prompt conversations about health routines. Then there are the more elaborate robots like temi or the cat-faced Mylo.


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