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Clubhouse Analysis and Use Cases with Power Users Balaji, LGO, and Soccolich – Voicebot Podcast Ep 196

Today we interview three active users of Clubhouse in our series around the rise of social audio. Vajresh Balaji is first with his analysis of total Clubhouse users and how the app has changed over the past six months. Vajresh is a mathematician that is interested in the data around Clubhouse’s growth and is a regular user of the app.

Laura Gassner Otting is a best-selling author of the book Limitless, a corporate consultant, and sought-after conference keynote speaker. She also hosts some of the most popular rooms in Clubhouse and is co-creator of The Forge Society club. LGO, as Laura is known on social media, shares her approach to Clubhouse, how her perceptions about the app changed, navigating social audio as an introvert, and the impact on her business thus far.

Our final guest is Adam Soccolich. Adam is the creator of The Best of Clubhouse newsletter and website. Every day, he chronicles the evolution of Clubhouse through its biggest events, popular room hosts, and new users joining the app. Adam offers insights on a variety of ways that users employ Clubhouse and highlights the recent developments.

Show Notes – Clubhouse Interviews – Vajresh Balaji, Laura Gassner Otting, Adam Soccolich

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