Voice Talks 2 25

Voice Talks Rises to the Clouds for February 25 Episode

Modev’s VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant will peer into the future for its latest episode on the evolution of voice technology. The new episode is titled “Starting a New Decade in Voice and AI” and will stream live on Feb. 25 at 2 p.m. Eastern, hosted as always by Google Assistant’s co-lead of global product partnerships Sofia Altuna.

AI Insight

Altuna will start off the show’s discussions and presentations with a broad overview of the combination of voice tech, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence that are set to elevate the current state of technology before introducing the first of her guests, technical director of AI for Google Cloud Ashwin Ram. Ram will go over the way cloud computing supports voice technology and how it is being used to solve problems in the field. Following Ram, Cobalt CEO Jeff Adams and XAPP vice president Michael Meyers will zero in on those challenges,. They will lay out how voice and AI are adapting to avoid issues before they even arise, with each of their companies developing conversational AI tech to accommodate those potential problems.

“There’s so much we don’t know that makes the future fundamentally impossible to predict,” Adams said in a statement. “But that’s the joy of it. The future is in our blindspot and that makes it an adventure. We are going to create it and see it when it gets here.”

Future Power

Google Assistant Investments head Saurabh Sharma will then on Doppio Games CEO Jeff Valadares to examine a different aspect of the field, investment by Google Assistant in startups like Doppio. Valadares, whose company launched Voice Quest for Google Assistant last year, as well as a voice-powered Pac-Man game for Alexa, will talk about being in the Assistant Investments portfolio and perform a demo while Sharma will talk about the kind of startups they are looking to invest in and how companies can apply. Rumble Studio CEO Carl Robinson will then take viewers through how both consumers and brands benefit from voice technology and new ways they can add it to their daily lives.  Finally Jovo co-founder Jan König and Voiceflow CEO Braden Ream will discuss open-source frameworks with Google Developer Relations Team member Jessica Dene Earley Cha. The two executives will go over the benefits of that kind of framework and why voice developers might prefer it over a closed ecosystem.

The standard interactive elements of the show will be back as well. Altuna will be keeping a real-time eye on #AskSofia on Twitter and may respond to questions or comments. Viewers may also submit videos about how they’d leverage voice technology for a startup if they haven’t already for a chance to win prizes.

“There is no question that voice tech is already having a profound impact on our daily lives,” said Pete Erickson, CEO, Modev. “As machine learning, AI and data become more sophisticated, it is clear our voice technologies will soon create solutions to challenges we haven’t begun yet to imagine.”


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