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Google Chooses First Voice AI Startup Accelerator Cohort

Google has picked a dozen companies for its first Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI. The 10-week program for voice AI startups in North America combines workshops and mentoring on technical and entrepreneurial topics.

Google Cohort

Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI is the latest of Google’s startup accelerator programs, which include geographic as well as thematic groups like the indie games accelerator. All of the companies in the group are young with no more than seed or Series A funding.

“Today, we are proud to announce our cohort of 12 companies – collectively leveraging voice user interfaces to solve complex challenges across accessibility, education, and care,” Google said in announcing the chosen companies. “We are incredibly excited to support this group of entrepreneurs over the next three months, connecting them with the best of our people, products, and programming to advance their companies and solutions.”

You can see the full list below.                             

Babbly, Toronto – Babbly gives parents advice about their child’s language abilities and recommends activities personalized to their needs.

Bespoken, Seattle – Bespoken an automated voice app testing and training startup, we’ve covered previously.

conversationHEALTH, Toronto – conversationHEALTH created virtual agents to connect healthcare providers running clinical trials and other business with patients.

nēdl, Santa Monica – nēdl offers a platform for people to start their own live call-in radio station, including transcription and monetization of their recordings.  The app transcribes, amplifies, and monetizes the audio creator’s words as they speak.

OTO.AI, New York – OTO is developing a sound engine to gather emotional and tonal data from voices in real-time.

Piffle, San Francisco – Piffle created a platform for voice games designed to improve wellness by conversations with an AI.

Powow AI, New York – Powow runs an AI platform for business meetings that will transcribe and analyze what gets said and share ideas on next steps to take after the meeting ends.

SiMBi, Vancouver – SiMBi uses AI to create an audiovisual story using input from a child who helps tell the story.
Talkatoo, Halifax – Dictation platform Talkatoo is a medical assistant for medical and veterinary professionals.

tinychef, New York – tinychef is a voice assistant for the kitchen that helps users plan their meals including picking out a menu, setting up the grocery list and progressing through a recipe.

Voicify, Boston – Voicify is an enterprise voice platform that has worked with various businesses and governments to create conversational experiences.

Vowel, New York – Vowel is a meeting platform with bonus productivity and communication tools.


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