Register for Voicebot Live with Adam Cheyer (Siri/Bixby) and Ron Croen (Nuance) This Week Only

Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri (Apple) and Viv Labs (Samsung Bixby), and Ron Croen, founding CEO of Nuance, join me on Wednesday, February 24th for the first-ever Voicebot Live streaming video event. Join us on YouTube Live for some fun, the reveal of previously unpublished Voicebot data, and a discussion of one of the more important topics related to voice assistants.

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A Different Kind of Online Event

Voicebot Live is not another online conference and definitely not a webinar. Everyone has had plenty of those over the past year. Instead, it will be a fast-paced format with two guests individually and then all three of us together to discuss one new data point and one critical question.

It will be live so anything can happen. Plus, we will take some questions from the crowd and give away a new iPad to one attendee that also registers in advance. Maybe it will be you.

Adam and Ron both started out in Voice AI in the early 1990s and the built the most iconic brands in the industry before Alexa even launched. This is a rare opportunity to get them both on the stage together. Plus, I know everyone likes data and we have something interesting for you.

So register today and join us for Voicebot Live!

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