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Music Licensing Platform Bopper Launches Google Assistant Action to Find the Perfect Tune

Music licensing service Bopper has made its extensive catalogue searchable by voice through Google Assistant. The new Bopper Voice Assistant enables advertising and other media producers to identify, select, and budget pre-approved tracks to use as the audio track for their creation.

Bopping Assist

The right soundtrack can make all the difference in an ad, but making your way through audio databases can be tedious no matter how well organized a catalogue might be. Bopper is experimenting with voice searching as a way to make browsing faster and less intensive than manual typing. Asking Google Assistant to talk to Bopper Music will lead the voice assistant to ask what kind of music you are looking for. In the example video, the user asks for “electro-pop that’s a bit Epic. The voice app pulls examples that fit the request, deliberately limiting the list to the most relevant tracks so as not to overwhelm a user with choices. The user can pick out any song they would like to hear and ask how much it costs to license the song depending on their location and plans for the song. The information is then collated and can be sent in an email to the user to proceed from there. First word to downloaded, synced and cleared audio track can take just a few minutes, much faster than the standard hunt that lasts days or weeks.

“There are so many tools for consumers, but the business side is still tied to desktops for the most part, and it’s just not a great experience,” Bopper co-founder Phil Messier said in a statement. “We are trying to break away from the track list, make it a more convenient experience for advertisers and brand managers using a much more intuitive discovery with A.I. and voice assistants. We have decades of experience and huge amounts of data on how brand managers search for music and tracks to fit their ad spots. We can leverage that data when designing our software, and that guided our design choices within the application.”

Song and Dance

Bopper claims to be the first B2B music tool of its kind, but that may only be true for the indie music scene it specializes in. Universal Production Music made more than half a million tracks searchable by voice through an Alexa skill last July. Alexa can pull up songs by name, genre, or just an instrument plus adjective combination. Chosen songs can be added to a playlist to peruse in detail later. Google and Amazon have both been steadily adding and improving their music for consumers as well. Amazon updated Alexa almost a year ago with the ability to distinguish requests for different variations on a song from Amazon Music. Google has been improving YouTube Music’s streaming service too, with new features like playlist creation on Android and Google Assistant. You can even vote for favorite singers on The Voice competition TV show. Weezer even made an entire music video predicated on using Google Assistant, although presumably, the band didn’t need to license the song from themselves.


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