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New Universal Production Music Alexa Skill Brings Voice Search to Soundtrack Creation

Soundtrack designers can search through Universal Production Music’s more than half a million tracks by voice using the company’s new Alexa skill. Clients can ask the voice assistant for specific songs or search through broader categories for the sound they are looking to add to their project.

Singing Search

Universal Production Music’s Alexa skill essentially translates the company’s existing search engine into audio form. Once the voice app is enabled and the user has confirmed their account, they can ask Alexa to ask Universal Production Music to find and play songs. The user can request specific songs or albums, a particular, genre, or even an adjective and instrument combination like “relaxing piano music.” Any songs the user wants to peruse later can be added to a playlist by asking the voice assistant. Universal Production Music describes the Alexa skill as the first of its kind among music production companies.

“Voice command technology has surged in recent years, with a Gartner study estimating that nearly 30% of all browsing sessions in 2020 will include voice search,” Universal Production Music president Michael Sammis said in a statement.  ” This makes the Alexa Voice Skill an innovative and essential step forward in the production music business. I’m excited that Universal Production Music is leading this transformation and we are able to offer this progressive technology to our clients.”

Musical Hunt

Though Universal Production Music’s voice app is aimed at producers, Alexa and other voice assistants have been adding new and improved music search features for regular consumers as well recently. For instance, Amazon updated Alexa in March with the ability to distinguish requests for different variations on a song from Amazon Music. The voice assistant understands when a user requests a live version of a track, as opposed to the standard recording, or even an instrumental cover. Alexa can even switch from one variation to another mid-song, such as a remix to an a capella option. Alexa has also become the source of music announcements, like when it revealed the release date of Katy Perry’s new album. As music is always ranked a top use for voice assistants, Amazon’s effort to turn Alexa into a hub for songs makes sense. If soundtrack makers and other professionals who need to find and put together music tracks start using Alexa regularly for work as well, Amazon could get a step ahead of competitor streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora. That may depend on if the new skill harmonizes well with Universal Production Music


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