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Amazon Product Launch Event Hot Takes with CNET, Voicebrew, and USA Today – Voicebot Podcast Ep 170

The past two years I have had the chance to attend Amazon’s annual product launch event live in Seattle. In the year of the COVID-19 pandemics, no such onsite activities are available. However, there was a live stream that was provided to a few journalists. So, I’ve assembled five people that participated in the live stream, which is four guests and me, to offer our perspective on what we saw and didn’t see this year from Amazon.

First up today you will hear my conversation with Ben Fox Rubin of CNET. He covers Amazon exclusively and joins me for the second year in a row. Next, we have my interview with Katherine Prescott of VoiceBrew, the most popular newsletter for Alexa users.

Then, I speak with Jefferson Graham of USA Today. He was on our extra episode 169 just a week ago which offered a preview of the event. We call out whether his, and my predictions were right, and what consumers are really going to adopt among the new device offerings. I wrap up with Eric Schwartz, the head writer for Voicebot.ai. He has some interesting insights into services Amazon is pushing to keep people connected. Below I have listed when each segment begins. Enjoy!

  • Ben Fox Rubin, CNET – 2:51
  • Katherine Prescott, Voicebrew – 30:11 voicebrew.com @kbprescott
  • Jefferson Graham, USA Today – 56:37
  • Eric Schwartz, Voicebot.ai – 1:20:47

Show Notes – 2020 Amazon Product Launch Hot Takes

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