Google Assistant Message

Google Assistant Will Now Courier Your Audio Messages

Google Assistant will record and send audio messages from Android devices when requested. The new feature links Google Assistant to existing Android features, potentially encouraging people to run their devices by voice more often.

Audio Messenger

Hands-free voice messaging stands out as the most notable new command. Asking Google Assistant to send an audio message will start the recording, with a text transcript visible and a confirmation required before it is actually sent. The recipient can be included in the initial command or the voice assistant will follow up by asking who the message is for. Though the voice commands are new, the clip is sent through Messages as text would be normally. If you don’t want to send an audio message, Google Assistant also now understands commands to call or text people in your contacts list, which can speed up the process of communicating.

“Voice-messaging is the modern day walkie-talkie,” Google Assistant product manager Mark Regan explained in the announcement. “For me, sometimes it’s the easiest way to send a quick note to my friends and family. You can now send audio messages with Google Assistant on Android smart phones–without holding down the little mic icon.”

Sharing and Searching

The new feature arrives ahead of a rumored extension of Google Assistant to the Gboard keyboard interface. The audio message and the content-sharing commands already available from Google Assistant would fit well with dictating text into any app through Gboard. Google Assistant’s ability to coordinate multiple tasks at the same time is helpful in both circumstances, especially if the user is unable to tap the screen.


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