Ron Jaworski CEO of Trinity Audio on the Rise of Audio Content in the Voice Era – Voicebot Podcast Ep 147

As we shift into an era of voice there is an open question about where we will get all that content required for audio responses to voice queries. Trinity Audio’s Ron Jaworski has a simple answer: convert millions of pages of website and other text content into audio instantly using text-to-speech. This is a really interesting and broader discussion than you might think. TTS on webpages is a gateway to several interesting integrations of voice with our visual digital world as it is today.

Ron Jaworski is co-founder and CEO of Trinity Audio, a company determined in Ron’s words, to audiofy, the world wide web. They have an audio player you can install on your website that will make the content listenable using TTS. However, they go beyond this by understanding context and creating an approach for delivering more than just page content and increasing time on page. Prior to founding Trinity, he was COO of Meme Global Media. Today we talk audio content, voice assistants, and the building blocks of a new tech platform.

Show Notes – Ron Jaworski Interview Trinity Audio

My apologies for the audio quality of the guest’s recording. As we all social distance and shelter-in-place there are new variables we have to account for and the audio from Ron was a casualty in this case. However, I thought the content and discussion was of significantly high value that I wanted to bring it to you regardless. It’s worth wading through to listen to a discussion which I very much enjoyed.

You can listen to the podcast interview above, on Google or Apple Podcasts or most of the leading podcast players.






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