Voice Talks

Google Assistant and Modev’s VOICE Talks Livestream Debuts Tuesday

The first episode of VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant series will premiere on Tuesday at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and the series website. The 90-minute show will explore voice technology and how it is used by different industries today.

Quarantine Show

The livestream series came together as a partnership between Google and voice tech community and event organizer Modev. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people at home, most conferences and other events have been canceled. Others have been moved online, like the upcoming VOICE Global conference in June. Modev, which plans and runs VOICE Global among some of the other biggest voice tech industry events, created the VOICE Talks with Google in part as a replacement for some of those conferences.

“Fortunately for us, for the past six months, we’ve been planning our 100% online conference VOICE Global taking place June 9th. We never could’ve imagined a virus would thrust this event into the forefront,” Modev CEO Pete Erickson explained in an interview with Voicebot in March. “Global is suddenly getting much more attention around the world and we’re expanding the scope and plans for the conference…There’s a clear demand to rapidly increase online and digital engagement.”


VOICE Talks episodes combine pre-taped segments with interactive live polls and questions for the host and guests to answer. Apropos of the virtual conference idea, the first episode will be about how voice tech and the greater voice industry is reacting to the current health crisis in serving businesses and consumers. The show is hosted by Sofia Altuna, who co-leads global product partnerships for Google Assistant.

The first episode will include segments with Google Assistant leaders Manuel Bronstein and Danny Bernstein. Though Google Assistant is behind the show, it will also feature segments from Amazon Alexa’s chief evangelist Dave Isbitski. Voca.ai’s vice president of marketing Jolene Amit will discuss how her company is applying voice technology to developing diagnostics for the coronavirus, and Voicebot’s own Bret Kinsella will share research and insights on the current state of the voice and AI industry. To watch the show, people can register on the website or see it on YouTube or Facebook Live starting at 2 p.m. ET, with new episodes to follow in the weeks ahead.