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Baidu Offers Smart Displays to Doctors Combatting Coronavirus

Chinese tech giant Baidu announced that it is lending its aid to those working to stop the recent coronavirus outbreak. Among other efforts, Baidu donated some Xiaodu smart displays to medical personnel in Wuhan, where the coronavirus began its spread, to keep them connected to their families.

Smart Display Connections for Medical Staff

The smart displays Baidu has donated to medical staff in Wuhan are being used by medical professionals working long hours to stay in touch with their families, Baidu said, but they are useful in medical work as well. Baidu already offers a free online service for medical consultation between patients and more than 100,000 doctors through its smart displays. As the coronavirus outbreak has continued, the company said it is prioritizing the service for people in Wuhan.

Baidu’s rival, Alibaba, is bringing its healthcare tech to bear in a similar way. Alibaba’s telemedicine service is now free in Hubei. The Alipay and Taobao apps can connect patients with small medical problems to doctors for consultation, without needing to use hospital resources. Hundreds of thousands of people had already taken advantage of the service.

Baidu Medical AI

As the number of people infected with the coronavirus continues to climb, Baidu is applying its AI technology to fighting it in less direct ways on top of the smart display donation and telemedicine The company’s AI-powered call platform is used by those fighting against the epidemic by speeding up the process of getting health and travel histories of residents, making 500 calls every second, then organizing the data it collects. All of the tech is connected to the 300 million yuan fund, about $43 million, that Baidu has set up to support screening, disease research, and other anti-coronavirus work.


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