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SoundHound Adds 500,000 Recipes to Houndify Voice Platform

Voice AI developer SoundHound is adding more than half a million food and drink recipes to its Houndify voice platform. Houndify will integrate the recipes from Big Oven, the home cook consumer channel run by Aisle Ahead.

Voice Sous Chef

Aisle Ahead is an enterprise technology developer for grocery stores and created BigOven as a social media network for home cooks. Now, the recipes behind the dishes on display will be integrated into platforms running Houndify. Users will be able to ask about a dish, how it’s made, its nutritional information and other details such as asking for a recipe for a specific cuisine that can be made in a specific amount of time or a recipe with certain ingredients. SoundHound’s technology also makes the process more than just a display or recitation of a recipe. Users can ask follow-up or clarifying questions as they go along, almost like having an assistant chef.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Aisle Ahead to bring BigOven’s extensive list of food and drink recipes to the Houndify platform,” said SoundHound vice president of corporate strategy and international expansion Kamyar Mohajer in a statement. “Recipes are a natural fit for a voice-first use case, since this collaboration will allow cooks to access the crucial recipe information they need even while they’re getting their hands dirty in the kitchen.’”

Adding Ingredients to the SoundHound Stew

Bringing Houndify into the kitchen is the latest of SoundHound’s blitz of partnerships and new verticals of late. Most recently, the company arranged with Kia Motors to integrate Houndify into Kia cars. This summer, SoundHound also teamed up with Samsung subsidiary Harman Professional Solutions to bring voice assistants to hotel rooms in a global pilot. Then there’s its presence in Anki’s Vector robot and Pandora’s voice mode.

Houndify is designed to be able to adjust and adapt to any industry. By fitting into different industries as the underlying platform, it doesn’t have to go for direct consumer access like Amazon, Google, and other major voice assistant developers do. That also makes Houndify appealing for clients who don’t want to give up any control of their data the way they would with Amazon or Google. SoundHound has had plenty of runway for setting up these new partnerships, having raised $215 million in funding as of last year. And every new announcement opens up a new revenue stream to help recoup that investment. The only question is which room the technology will expand to next.


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